Indigo Cotton Fisherman Sweater, Navy

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This style of Fisherman Sweater is knitted using 100% Indigo dyed cotton yarn. Its shape and name are inspired by English Fisherman's sweaters dating back to 15th Century. This is our take on a classic, it is chunky and boxy with a wide roll down neck and a single pocket at the front. Our Knitwear is produced using Fully Fashioned method which is when pieces of garments are knitted into the exact shape required, then joined using a linking machine. The advantage of this method is little to no waste. Made in England.

Our knitwear is crafted using natural dyeing processes, resulting in unique and beautiful colours. Please note that due to the nature of the dyeing process, some color bleeding may occur. To prevent any potential staining, we recommend avoiding wearing the knitwear with white garments in the beginning, as with indigo jeans. Additionally, we suggest washing the knitwear separately to maintain its color and avoid any transfer. These simple steps will ensure that your knitwear stays looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

Details and Care:

- 100% Cotton
- Unisex Fit
- Roll neck and hem detailing
- Made in India
- Cold wash only, do not tumble dry.
- We recommend folding the sweater instead of hanging as it could stretch and deform.
- Colour may bleed.